Who Should Contact ALBAR

Owners Seeking Qualified Buyers

Albar is owned and operated by a former Business Executive with extensive experience in directing and managing the operations and activities of a number of business enterprises. Allan understands that Owner-Operators of small to medium size businesses do not always have the time to seek out prospective candidates with whom they can discuss a potential sale, and as such, simplifies this process to save both time and money

Investors Seeking Business Opportunities

At any given time, there are individuals and companies seeking to acquire businesses of all types and Allan's experience in Manufacturing, Property Management, Industrial Real Estate and Business Brokerage Activities will help these prospective Buyers narrow down their options to pursuing opportunities that are best suited to accommodating their goals and objectives.


WC - Greater Toronto Area

"We were pleased to collaborate with Albar Agencies on a recent project where they facilitated both an introduction and a follow up introductory meeting with a prospective, acquisition candidate"


SH - Southwestern Ontario

"We want to thank Albar Agencies for their assistance in facilitating an introductory meeting between our organization and a Company who shares similar interests with us to explore possible, future opportunities"


PB -Eastern Ontario

"I have found Albar Agencies to be most professional in their approach to assisting us find, prospective, interested buyers for our organization, and would add that their fee structure is very reasonable."


JH - North-Eastern Ontario

"Our organization has worked with Albar Agencies on a few projects to date and have found them to be most helpful in facilitating introductory meetings with prospective vendor candidates"